Perma- Seal ®
Concrete & Masonry Sealer

       One Application
Permanent Results

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   The Solution For Concrete & Masonry Problems


Perma-Seal ®
Concrete k  Masonry  Sealer       


Concrete,  Brick,  Stucco k Stone for  new  or  old  masonry surfaces

The  solution for concrete & masonry Problems

 Tested   and   proven
 to   increase   the   performance  life
of  concrete
more  than   four   times

From  Approximately  30  Years 
To  More  Than  120  Years

one   aPplication 
 permanent  results

 an  environmentally 
sustainable   product

  Authorized  by  the  USDA  For Use  In 
Federally Inspected  Meat  &  Poultry  Plants 

en v i r o n m e n t a l l y      f r i e n d l y

     non - toxic       non - acid

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An Environmentally Sustainable Product
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Why Seal Concrete Surfaces Repeatedly

When One Treatment
Can Permanently Seal Masonry?

One Easy Application
Permanently Seals

Eliminates Moisture Spread
Waterproofs Above Grade
Waterproofs Below Grade 
Prevents Concrete Dusting
Crumbling  k Cracking

Surfaces Dry Quickly 
Surface Texture is Unchanged

Reduces Maintenance
Seals Against Staining
Stops  Acid,  Protein,     
   Petroleum,  Ink,  Almost 
   Anything  From  Penetrating 
   The  Sealed  Surface.
Cleans Petroleum Products From Masonry & Seals It.

Increases Tensile Strength
Of Concrete Up to 30%.

Prevents Saponification of Paint, Enabling Paint To Last 2 to 5 Times Longer.

Deters Mortar Between
Bricks & Building Blocks Deterioration

Prevents Oxidation of Steel Reinforcement Within Sealed Concrete.

Deters Algae Growth
Eliminates Salt Incursion

It Is  Unsurpassed 
As A Pre-Treatment,  Providing A Problem Free  And  Long Lasting  Bond For Paint  and   Floor  Coverings  To  Concrete and Masonry


application  for  new 
or  existing  concrete

PERMA-SEAL Is An Ideal Solution for the following:  
   New  Concrete 
   Old  Concrete Slabs
Bare surface, 
   Painted Or Sealed 

Grease,  Oil  &  
Rust  Conditions

Application Guidelines:
   Requires  One (1) Gallon     
   Per  100  Square  Feet     
   Of  Masonry Treated 


The treated concrete will not have a visibly different appearance from the
untreated new concrete.

Water will NOT bead up
on treated surface. 
Water beading is an indication of oil based products and PERMA-SEAL contains no oils or solvents.

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It's The Solution For Concrete & Masonry Problems


PERMA - SEAL ®  is a unique sealer.   It is not a paint or surface finish.  It actually penetrates throughout the masonry by a progressive capillary chemical reaction which solidifies, seals and strengthensthe entire structure from the inside out.  

oncrete and masonry are sealed throughout and becomes waterproof and resistant to penetration by almost any substance, including automobile oil, acids, caustic materials, even chewing gum will not stick to  the surface. 

One application of
PERMA - SEAL ®   waterproofs, strengthens k  preserves concrete, brick, stucco kmost stone.  It is effective when applied to  new or  old  masonry surfaces.


The application stops water incursion and deterioration.  
strengthens concrete
up to 30%.

Tested under extreme hydrostatic (water) pressure to withstand more than 300 PSI. without any sign of water penetration or concrete failure.  Water penetrated untreated concrete at 120 PSI within eight minutes.

PERMA - SEAL®  is  inorganic, contains  no  volatile  or organic compounds.

Contains  No  Oils  Or  Solvents .

It  has  no  fumes, 
no out gassing and has
no treatment odor    

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